Health tips for the Amazon

It is essential to be well prepared for your trip to the Amazon and we are sharing some useful information with you to make sure that you get the very best out of what has all the makings of an unforgettable trip.

Practical information regarding vaccinations, yellow fever and malaria in the Amazon

A medical consultation in an international vaccination center and travelers advice center is essential before your departure.
The decision on whether or not to prescribe a preventative malarial treatment will be taken by your doctor according to various factors: the area you are visiting and its altitude, the season when the trip is taken, the length of stay, your state of health.

Malaria exists all year round across the Amazon basin. It is necessary to take personal protective measures, which will also protect you against other insects, which carry various diseases (yellow fever, dengue, the Zika virus…): skin repellents and repellent clothing, covering up your body, mosquito nets.
The anti-mosquito/arthropod repellents sold in general stores or pharmacies are not effective enough for the Amazon Rainforest. There is, however, a reliable brand which conforms to the recommendations of the French Ministry of Health: Insect Ecran, Cinq sur Cinq…

Vaccination against yellow fever is recommended for all travelers (1 injection a minimum of 10 days before your departure date). If you are traveling to Guyana, this vaccine is obligatory.

Travel Insurance which includes the refund of medical expenses as well as guaranteed repatriation is essential.


IIt would be a good idea to take your own medicine kit consisting of :

– Sun Protection Cream ;
– Vitamin C ;
– Talcum powder for your feet ;
– Repellant spray ;
– Ant-itch cream ;
– Tweezers/sewing needles ;
– An antihistamine ;
– A prescription antimalarial drug if deemed necessary by your doctor, in sufficient quantity to cover the duration of your trip.

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