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Find out about all of our trips departing from Manaus, and Boa Vista toward Guyana

Trips departing from Manaus, and Boa Vista toward Guyana


Amazon river cruises starting in Manaus

Private ruise through the National Park of the Anavilhana

A 5-day privatized cruise for couples, families or friends during which you will sail on the Rio Negro.

Discover with our guide the largest freshwater archipelago in the world and its 400 islands full of unique fauna and flora.

An adventure in a privileged setting where you will be the guests of Mother Nature.

This cruise will allow you to observe the fauna and flora from your boat but also to discover the islands by canoe or on foot.

anavilhanas amazonia

blue macaw

A cruise to discover the birds of the Amazon

Onboard our traditional boat, by canoe and on foot, all means for you to propel yourself into what is surely one of the most unique trails of Latin America!

A 5-day private cruise for couples, families or groups of friends which will open you the doors of Amazonia.

Enter the intimacy of this unique region where the Rio Solimões and the Rio Negro unite to give life to the captivating Amazon River.


Adventures in the heart of the Amazon jungle

Expedition to Jaú National Park

Jaú Park is the largest protected rainforest area in the world. Its surface area is estimated at 2.2 million hectares (5.8 million acres).

A 10 day adventure off the beaten track. We will go up the Rio Negro by boat and then explore the region by hiking and by motorized boats. During our advance in the forest, with our guides, we will choose each day a new place to put our hammocks and to sleep in the forest.

An immersion in Amazonia between giant otters, anteaters, howler monkeys, sloths, armadillos, caimans, anacondas…


Survivor Expedition on the Lago Mamori

Do you dream of setting off into the jungle across the other side of the world, like a real Robinson Crusoe? We are giving you this chance.

A 7-day adventure setting off from Manaus. We will travel with our guide to an isolated area of the Amazon rainforest by motorized canoe.

During your expedition, accompanied by our guide, you will discover how to get the best out of the forest. This will be an opportunity for you to learn different techniques of survival, bushcraft or orientation.


Adventures to discover the Amazon forest in Guyana

Expedition to Guyana along the Rupununi

For centuries, this extraordinary region has intrigued travelers, historians and scientists..

A 12-day adventure during which we will cross the Guyana savanna to reach the village of Sand Creek.

The breathtaking landscapes are rich in diversity, between savannahs, wetlands and dense forests almost impenetrable.

You will travel by 4×4, motorized boats and hikes to spread your hammocks in the heart of the Amazon forest.

Discovering the rupununi river

Parabara village in guyana

Expedition to Guyana in Waiwai Territory

A 12 days adventure during which we will cross the savannahs of the Rupununi in order to reach the Amerindian village of Parabara.

The Rupununi is the land of the Makushi, Waiwai and Wapishana ethnic groups, the guardians of these wilderness areas.

An expedition where we will spread our hammocks in the most remote places of the Amazon. We will navigate on the rivers in the heart of the forest. We will hike to observe the fauna and flora and we will discover the local way of life.



Guided tour vacations in the Amazon departing from Manaus and Boa Vista.

Trips suitable for all to Brazil or Guyana.

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