What to Pack for the Amazon Rainforest

In the forest, apart from the navigation phases, your legs are your only means of movement. Your main enemy will therefore be the weight of your bag!

No suitcase in the Amazon, you will need a sturdy backpack. Freedom does not depend on wheels...

Often you will have to carry your bag on the expedition, so don’t overload yourself with a change of clothes. Have everything in duplicate but only in duplicate. To illustrate this point, it is said in Brazil “Quando tu tem dois, tu tem um. Se tu tem um, tu nao tem nenhum. (When you have two, you have one. If you have only one, you have nothing).”

The backpack should be solid and spacious (about 60 liters), if possible waterproof, and should have side pockets for a better distribution of your equipment.
You will slip into your backpack a large thick plastic garbage bag of 100 liters for example, this waterproof envelope will protect your belongings.

Jungle packing tips

In your backpack :
– Your hammock and its mosquito net (which we will provide)
– Several plastic bags of different sizes in which your clothes and other sensitive items will be placed. We advise you to wear long clothes in order to protect your whole body (pants, long sleeve and high socks),
– A jogging suit or similar for bivouac, because the nights are wet and therefore cool in the forest,
– Toiletries with Marseille soap for its bactericidal quality. It is also useful for washing clothes and dishes,
– A raincoat like a poncho,
– A water bottle with a water filter,
– Your bath towel which can be made of Pertex, a light fabric with the advantage of drying quickly,
– A pair of binoculars if you wish,
– A hat or cap, sunglasses.

Provide a waterproof bag

A small waterproof bag in which you will put the small equipment such as:
A waterproof flashlight with spare battery, a headlamp, a folding knife, two lighters.

It is a good idea to have your own first aid kit which will include
– Sunscreen
– Talcum powder for the feet,
– Repellent spray
– Ointment for chafing
– Tweezers/needles,
– An antihistamine,
– An anti-malarial prescribed if your doctor deems it necessary, this one in sufficient quantity to cover the whole stay.

Jungle clothes : what to wear in the Amazon rainforest ?

Prefer cotton clothing and underwear. Socks should be made of wool, high on the calf to avoid any rubbing of the edge of the shoe on the skin. Take a pair of socks for the evening at the bivouac. Avoid synthetic clothing that will give you irritations during our advance. Choose discreet colors to blend in with the jungle.

Wear a large jacket or a shirt that you leave open to allow better air circulation. The sleeves should be pulled down over the cuffs to avoid any abrasions or insect bites. You can also use long-sleeved shirts.
Loose fitting pants closed at the ankles will provide excellent protection against insect bites or sharp grass.

Do not wear clothes that could prevent your body from thermoregulating.

What shoes to wear in the jungle ?

Choose sturdy, light, breathable and, if possible, waterproof walking shoes or canvas shoes such as Pataugas, which allow for very good ventilation of the feet and dry very quickly.

Be sure to try on your shoes before departure so as not to have the unpleasant surprise of traveling with a pair that is too small, something that could go unnoticed during a test in a store.

For bivouac stops, wear open-toed sandals that allow your feet to breathe.