Create your Amazon Expedition

And if we were to turn your dream into the trip of a lifetime ?

The agency that makes your dreams of adventure come true

Let your creative imagination have free rein and we will create a unique expedition from scratch.

Each part of our suggested program is established according to what you are looking for. Through our discussions with you we are able to define the project that’s the perfect fit for you. The destination examples on our website can enable you to define certain preferences.

You have two options at your disposal:
Creating a brand-new expedition from scratch or personalizing one of our existing itineraries.


Organized Trips to the Amazon in Brazil and Guyana

Select your preferred format for your trip: cruise, trek or a combination.
Together we will design the itinerary for your trip.

Our offer to you

To accompany you in your dreams, with the assistance and advice of our bilingual guides, by organizing a customized expedition for you. You can personalize an existing itinerary that we offer on our website or create your own adventure from scratch.

Just tell us what you wish for, how and where you want to experience your Amazon adventure! We are here to discuss ideas and create your custom-made trip with you.

We offer year-round trips. We will advise you on the best season to visit the region that you wish to explore.
We are based in Manaus and most of our expeditions set off from this city or from Boa Vista to reach nearby Guyana.


What you will experience

The experience you have is up to you and is only limited by your own imagination. The possibilities on your trip are endless, whether they be walking, boat expeditions, vehicle excursions or an experience that is more physically demanding.
From the moment that you contact us we will discuss your wishes/desires with you. From these conversations we will suggest a personalized itinerary for your perusal.
Then we will go through the itinerary together and once you have approved it, we can begin preparations for your adventure.
Travelling by boat and by foot are the favored means of transport for our expeditions. A feature of our adventures is camping out in the middle of the forest, sometimes among the communities or on the boat.

Where you will sleep and what you will eat

A makeshift camp in the middle of the forest is the modus operandi at Amazonia Wild Experience. There is nothing like sleeping in a hammock beside the fire in close contact with nature in a camp prepared by our guides. Our camping sites are selected for their beauty, their location, or sometimes because they are the only possible place. Comfort is simple and rudimentary but it always makes for an exceptional experience and atmosphere. We don’t offer overnight stays in lodges.

We also sleep on the boat in some of our adventures and sometimes as guests of the local or Amerindian communities.

If you decide to customize one of our existing expeditions, you will find this information in the details about each expedition.

Meals, depending on the selected adventure, will be prepared by the chef aboard the boat, or for our more intrepid adventures, we will cook directly in our improvised camp. Fruits, vegetables and starch will provide our basic diet, which will be complemented by some fresh local produce according to what we find in the forest.


Turning a dream into reality

There are as many ways to live an adventure as there are travelers

    Guided tour vacations in the Amazon departing from Manaus and Boa Vista.