Our vision, our purpose

« Reinventing adventure tourism with a travel model that has a positive social and environmental impact »

When we founded Amazonia Wild Experience, we had an obsession for adventure, landscapes, meeting people, animal watching, but also and most importantly, practicing tourism that is in harmony with the environment and local communities.

Our daily challenge is that of development of our business while ensuring respect for the environment and local communities. Abandoning our values wouldn’t make much sense when it is this commitment that motivates us each and every day.

It would seem that we are all on the same wavelength in this quest for tourism that has a positive social and environmental impact. Us, the dreamers, You, the adventurers, Them, the locals, Her, Mother Earth.

Ecotourism, equitable tourism, responsible tourism…. There are so many buzzwords at the moment. These words only represent the beginning of a complex process, essential for this style of tourism but limited in its impact if not accompanied by tangible actions.

To position ourselves in line with high-quality tourism in the Amazon and to support a model of tourism that that is eco-friendly and respects local communities, we are members of the association: Instituto Fronteiras, who strive to encourage the development of local communities and participate in various reforestation projects.

Positive social impacts :

  • Supporting local communities in the territories that we visit ;
  • Development of local communities ;
  • Fair payment for local partners.

Positive environmental impacts :

  • Limited waste on excursions, which is sorted and recycled ;
  • Raising awareness about the preservation of the fauna and flora among the local communities ;
  • Offsetting greenhouse gas emissions from the boats that we use through a reforestation program and a carbon positive footprint.