Myths of the Amazon rainforest

The Amazon, whose name is inspired by the warriors of Greek mythology, has always exalted the collective imagination.
What traveler has not dreamed of going back to the sources of life on our planet, with the immensity of a fascinating river, images of giant trees and magnificent animals in mind?

The true nature of the Amazon lies not in superlatives, but in the simple experiences that give all its dimension to a territory of legend: to travel in a dugout canoe through the flooded forest, to fall asleep in a hammock in the middle of the forest, to wake up to the cries of howler monkeys, to discover the Amerindian traditions.

Legends of the Amazon in Brazil: mysteries and spellbinding tales from the rainforest

Welcome to the mystical world of the Brazilian Amazon, where legends and ancestral tales mingle with the wild beauty of the rainforest. Discover a cultural heritage rich in spellbinding stories handed down from generation to generation by the indigenous peoples of this unique region. Immerse yourself in a world where nature spirits, fantastic creatures and mythical beings inhabit the depths of the jungle.

Explore the fascinating legends of the Amazon

Our page dedicated to the legends of the Amazon invites you to explore the fascinating tales that have shaped the imagination of the land’s inhabitants for centuries. Discover the story of the Boto, a legendary dolphin that transforms into a seductive charmer at dusk. Be captivated by the myth of the Iara, a beautiful Amazonian mermaid who attracts men with her enchanting voice. Immerse yourself in the tales of the Caiman Man, a half-human, half-reptile creature who haunts the rivers of Amazonia.


Myth of the Amazons

In 1542, the Spaniard Orellana, left Quito on the Pacific coast, crossed the Andes with his men in iron helmets, and, going down by the Coca river, joined an immense river. Starving, the conquistadors eat up their shoes. They are attacked, according to sources, by beardless Cumuri Indians, whom Orellana takes for women and for real warriors, armed with bows and going naked. Gaspar de Carvajal, the father of the expedition, will name this river “Amazon”.





The myth of the morphing river dolphin


According to the legend common in the Amazon, it is said that the Boto turns into a handsome and charming boy dressed in white and wearing a hat. He is an excellent dancer and drinks a lot. At parties, he seduces the most beautiful girls and invites them to a rendezvous by the river. They make love, after which the handsome boy becomes Boto again, sinks into the river and disappears.



The tale of Iara

According to the oral tale, Iara was an Indian warrior. She received much praise from her father, the tribal chief, but her brothers were jealous and tried to kill her in her sleep. Iara countered the attack and killed them. Fearing her father’s wrath, she fled into the jungle. Her father caught up with her and threw her to the place where the waters meet (Rio Negro and Solimões), fish brought her back to the surface and transformed her into a beautiful mermaid!

Iara now lives in the waters of the river where she sings with her wonderful voice in order to attract passing men. Woe betide those who succumb to the charms of her voice: she will take them to the depths from where they will never return.

The Brazilian Amazon Rainforest is not only a natural wonder but also a realm filled with enchantment and rich folklore. From the Yacuruna and the Boitatá to the Encantados and the Curupira, these mythical beings embody the profound relationship between the indigenous people and the majestic rainforest that sustains them. Embark on a captivating journey into the myths and legends of the Amazon Rainforest, where reality and magic intertwine in a dance as old as time itself.