FAQ – Before visiting the Amazon rainforest

Travel tips, advice and recommendations to plan and make your trip in the Amazon a success.

Organization of the trip

What documents are needed to travel to Brazil and Guyana ?

A valid passport is required.
In addition, it is essential to check with your embassy to see if additional documents are required, however, almost all European, South American and North American citizens can travel without a visa to Brazil and Guyana.
The international vaccination booklet is required at the border of Guyana to verify if you are vaccinated against yellow fever, a mandatory vaccine.

Should I purchase travel insurance?

Yes, a travel insurance including the reimbursement of medical expenses but also a repatriation guarantee is essential.
Check that the policy has adequate levels of coverage for the activities you will be participating in.
Check that age limitations on some policies do not apply to you.
It is advisable to find a policy that includes delay, cancellation, medical expenses, emergency evacuation and repatriation coverage.
Always read the terms and conditions of the policy and description of coverage before purchase.

Can my children come?

Depending on their age and the type of expedition you want to do, we can organize a family expedition. However, it should be noted that, in general, bivouac stays in the heart of the forest are not recommended for children. Cruises are more suitable for children.

What if I have to cancel?

Cancellation more than 30 days before departure results in the loss of the initial deposit.
Cancellation within 30 days of departure results in the loss of the total amount of the reservation.
Cancellations are based on the written date we receive when notified by the client.
We deduct bank charges from the refunds we make.
Amazônia Wild Experience strictly enforces its cancellation policy.

Getting ready for the Amazon jungle

Do I need to take a malaria treatment?

A medical consultation in an international vaccination center and travelers advice center is essential before your departure.
The decision on whether or not to prescribe a preventative malarial treatment will be taken by your doctor according to various factors: the area you are visiting and its altitude, the season when the trip is taken, the length of stay, your state of health.

Do I need to be vaccinated against yellow fever?

Vaccination against yellow fever is strongly recommended for all travelers (1 injection a minimum of 10 days before your departure date). If you are traveling to Guyana, this vaccine is obligatory.

How many bags can I bring?

No suitcase in the Amazon, you will need a sturdy backpack. The backpack should be solid and spacious (about 60 liters), if possible waterproof, and should have side pockets for a better distribution of your equipment.
You will slip into your backpack a large thick plastic garbage bag of 100 liters for example, this waterproof envelope will protect your belongings. You will find all the details on the page What to Pack for the Amazon Rainforest.

During your trip in the rainforest

Can I handle or touche any animals?

It is part of our ethical mission to not handle or disturb wildlife in their natural setting. You will have the opportunity to take pictures every day, of wild animals that we will meet in their natural environment. Even if some animals can be curious about our presence, very rarely they will let themselves be approached.

Will my camera by affected by humidity?

New cameras that operate with digital chips don’t seem much affected by humidity. Remember when you go by boat or canoe to keep your camera in a water-tight floatable when not taking photos. We are not responsible for damage done to cameras, cell phones or other personal items by the jungle environment.
We therefore advise you, to go for tropicalized cameras and lenses.