Authentic experience in the Amazon Rainforest

A haven of tranquility off the beaten track

Experience the magic of the Brazilian Amazon

Explore the wonders of the Amazon from Manaus, Brazil: an unforgettable journey into the heart of lush nature.

Immerse yourself in the incredible diversity of the world’s largest rainforest on an enchanting journey from Manaus. Located in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon, this vibrant city opens the doors to an unspoilt natural paradise, where you’ll be immersed in a symphony of biodiversity.

Our Amazon trip from Manaus offers a unique experience, combining nature and discovery. Accompanied by experienced guides, you’ll be led through the jungle’s secret paths, where every step reveals a new surprise. You’ll have the opportunity to meet local communities and learn more about their way of life in harmony with nature.

On this captivating adventure, you’ll cruise along majestic Amazonian rivers and streams, exploring secluded coves and picturesque lagoons. You’ll discover exotic wildlife, from multicolored birds to the pink dolphins that populate the surrounding waters. Be enchanted by the songs of howler monkeys and the incredible choreography of butterflies dancing through the canopy.

Suggested duration

Minimum stay of 3 days, we suggest 5 days for more discovery activities

Traveler Profile

For couples, friends or families looking to discover the Amazon rainforest on a reasonable budget

Number of participants

From 1 to 8 persons

Recommended period for this trip in the Amazon forest

All year round
The river is at its lowest in November
The river is at its highest in May

Travel itinerary in the Brazilian Amazon: 5 days of authentic immersion

The program gives you an idea of how your stay and navigation tour in the Amazon will unfold. You are the protagonist of this adventure, and we will also adapt to your wishes.

The encounters you’ll make, the animals you’ll observe, the landscapes that will unfold before your eyes, the unique timeless moments in the lush rainforest that you’ll share cannot be transcribed in all their intensity on paper.
In our opinion, each of these elements will make up the richness of your trip to the Amazon in Brazil.

Days 1 and 2: Exploring the secrets of the forest

Day 1 : In the early morning, we leave Manaus by boat. We’ll sail to the famous “Encontro das aguas” to observe the meeting of the waters of the Rio Negro and Rio Solimões, which form the Amazon. After observing this phenomenon, we’ll head up the Rio Negro to observe the forest in the maze of rivers around the lake and appreciate the intensity of nature.
After this afternoon of observation, we’ll head for a pousada in a local community, typical of the Rio Negro, to spend the night.
Day 2 : After breakfast, we’ll set off to meet the Tuyuka Indians.
You’ll have the opportunity to talk with them, and learn about their customs and way of life.
We’ll then travel by boat to the Jaraqui community, where we’ll take a walk to discover the local flora and fauna.
After this first contact with the forest on foot, we’ll set off to bivouac and spread out our hammocks to sleep in the forest.

Day 3 & 4 : Discover the wild beauty of the world’s largest rainforest

Day 3 : After returning to your boat, we’ll set sail on the Rio Negro to discover the charm of the area. You can explore the banks and islands by boat or on foot, in search of unspoilt flora and fauna.
We’ll then head off to a local community for lunch before trying our luck at piranha fishing.
Tonight, you’ll once again sleep in a hammock in the middle of the forest.
Day 4 : After breakfast, we’ll head for the Ariaú River, where we’ll continue our canoeing activities to observe monkeys, birds, reptiles and mammals.
We’ll pause to get closer to the giant Samauma tree, also known as the tree of life. A night out in the lush jungle to observe caiman concludes our day. You’ll spend another night at the pousada in the middle of the forest.

Day 5 : Back to Manaus with a heart full of memories

Day 5 : We’ll reach an area of the Rio Negro where you can swim with pink Amazonian dolphins. Enjoy a relaxing swim on this river beach. We’ll then begin our leisurely descent of the Rio Negro.
After these days rich in discovery, it’s time to return to Manaus, taking with you unforgettable memories. You’ll leave the Amazon with a new understanding of nature, a deep connection with local culture and stories to tell for the rest of your life.
Arrival at the port is scheduled for around 5:00 pm. From the port, we’ll accompany you to your hotel or lodge (you can also embark directly for Belém or Alter do Chao for travelers continuing their journey by boat).
And so ends this splendid tour of the heart of the planet’s lungs. A hammock cruise on the Rio Negro in Amazonia to remember!


Description of your trip to the Amazon from Manaus, Brazil: Discover the wild beauty of the world’s largest rainforest

Welcome to the fascinating world of the Amazon, a unique destination where nature reigns supreme. From the bustling city of Manaus, in the heart of Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, you’ll embark on an unforgettable adventure to discover breathtaking landscapes, exotic wildlife and indigenous cultures rich in tradition. An authentic journey that begins in the city of Manaus, where your bilingual guide will accompany you into the heart of the forest. You’ll discover the Amazon, its people, fauna and flora. We offer a varied program, giving you the opportunity to hike, discover the flora and fauna with your guide, explore the area by boat, or sleep in a hammock in the jungle and appreciate the immensity of the planet’s lungs. Unique exchanges in the middle of the forest… a unique journey!

Take advantage of the lodge’s location in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, on the shores of the Rio Negro. Rediscover the pleasure of taking your time. You’re in the perfect place to explore the fascinating rainforest. Dive into the heart of the world’s richest ecosystem with your guide for a stay off the beaten track.

An experience which will allow you to:

Discover Brazil from the inside
Spot the flora and fauna with a specialist guide whether by foot or by boat, at day and at night
See the meeting of waters, where the waters of the Rio Negro and the Rio Solimões meet to form the Amazon
Go hiking through the forest
Observer les caïmans au couché du soleil
Spend a night in a hammock in the jungle under the canopy
Meet the “Botos cor de rosa”, dolphins of the Amazon
Effectuer des sorties nocturnes en pleine forêt
Go on nighttime outings to look at the fauna
Marvel at the vastness of the Milky Way

Organization of your trip in Brazil

Where will you sleep and what will you eat?

You’ll have a room on the banks of the Rio Negro. And, as is customary in the Amazon, you’ll also be sleeping in a hammock. Two nights in the forest with your guide. Each hammock is equipped with a mosquito net. These nights in a bivouac in the middle of the Amazon rainforest will enable you to better appreciate the intensity of nature.

Full board. Meals are prepared at the pousada. You’ll eat vegetables and fruit accompanied by freshly caught fish and local meats. Water and fruit juices are provided throughout your stay (alcoholic beverages at extra cost).

Participant profile
This trip to the Amazon in Brazil is designed for all types of travelers. From families with children to solo adventurers like Mike Horn. We promise you an authentic, immersive experience, as close as possible to the Amazon’s luxuriant nature.

What is included

The price includes :

Pick-up from your hotel or Manaus airport
Bilingual guide for the entire duration of the stay and all activities
The different means of transportation from your pick up at the hotel or airport
Access to local communities
Hammocks and mosquito nets for sleeping in the rainforest
Breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of our tour

The price doesn’t include :

National and international flights
Hotel accommodation and restaurants in Manaus
Travel insurance
Alcoholic beverages and sodas

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