Expedition to Jaú National Park

Discover the largest area of protected tropical forest in South America

World Heritage Site and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

The Jaú Park, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, is the largest are of protected tropical rainforest in the world, covering an area estimated to be 5.8 million acres (in the Brazilian state of Amazonas). It stretches to the Rio Jau, Rio Carabinani and the Rio Negro from which we will access the park.

This protected area in the heart of the Amazon basin is the refuge of several endangered species. This park is characterized by its rich biodiversity and is a recommended destination for all nature lovers and ecological tours. A unique opportunity to dive into the world of the Amazonian forest, between canopy, igapos and rivers.

 From Manaus, explore the vast wilderness of the Amazon rainforest. A trip on the most mythical river in South America that will take you to the heart of the jungle, for nature lovers and adventurers.


Suggested Duration

10 days

Average Budget

From 1229 € per person*
*indicative rates for a group of 3 people

Number of participants

From 2 to 5 persons

Recommended period to visit Jaú National Park

All year round


Description of your adventure in the Amazon rainforest

The park is considered one of the best examples of rainforest conservation in the Amazon basin. View the incredible variety of wildlife in the Amazon rainforest: giant otters, giant anteaters, howler monkeys, sloths, armadillos, caimans, anacondas…

A 10-day adventure during which we will explore the Jaú Park the way you want to explore it.

An experience in the heart of the forest, far off the beaten track which will allow you to:

Discover the Amazon from our boat;
Go hiking through the forest;
Spot the flora and fauna with a specialist guide whether by foot or by boat, at day and at night;
Sleep deep in the middle of the forest on our main boat or in a makeshift camp;
Watch the dolphins of the Amazon “botos cor de rosa”;
Cross the Anavilhanas archipelago and its 400 islands;
See where the waters of the Rio Negro and the Rio Solimões meet to form the Amazon;
Go on nighttime outings to look at the fauna;
Spend some time with local communities;
Experience total immersion in the Amazon rainforest.

This protected park is above all a haven of peace for nature, a refuge for the animals and plant species found there. For this reason, it is a privileged place to realize ecotours. It is an obligatory stage of several days to put on your itinerary if you wish to discover the Amazon rainforest in Brazil and its huge biodiversity.


Where will you sleep and what will you eat?

We will set up camp every night in the middle of the forest, under the canopy, often by the banks of the river, where we will set up our hammocks according to the Amazon tradition.
Each one of our expeditions is unique. As we move deeper into the forest, with our guides, we will select a new spot to set up camp each day. Our camps will be built when we arrive at each spot, with our local guide. Our camping sites are selected for their beauty, their location, or sometimes because they are the only possible place. Comfort is simple and rudimentary but it always makes for an exceptional experience and atmosphere.
We will eat the provisions that we have brought along with us. Fruits, vegetables and starch will provide our basic diet, which will be complemented by some fresh local produce from our encounters with the local people.

Participant profile

I am fit and healthy, I practice a sporting activity occasionally and I am able to push myself but I need some rest in between my efforts.
I am looking for an experience that takes me off the beaten track and the idea of camping out in the middle of the forest appeals to me.

What is included

The price includes:

Pick-up from your hotel or Manaus airport;
Bilingual guide;
Entry into the national park;
Hammocks and mosquito nets for sleeping in the forest;
Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The price doesn’t include:

National and international flights;
Hotel accommodation in Manaus;
Travel insurance;
Alcoholic beverages.

Inquire about this trip

    Program & itenarary of your adventure in Jaú National Park

    The program gives you an idea of how your trip will unfold. You are the protagonist of your adventure, and we will adapt to fulfil your wishes.

    The people you will meet, the animals you will see, the landscapes that will pass before your eyes, the unique moments you will share that are out of this world are impossible to convey in their intensity on this page.
    Each one of these elements, will, in our view, make your journey to the Amazon Rainforest complete.

    Days 1 to 3: Cruising on the Rio Negro

    Day 1 : We will come to pick you up from your hotel or the airport early in the morning and we will stop off at the Manaus market, near the port. Then, we will go to our boat on the Rio Negro. After our first lunch aboard our vessel, you will have the chance to swim in the river with the “botos cor de rosa”, the Amazon pink river dolphins.
    We will spend the night on the boat within the Anavilhanas archipelago (the largest freshwater archipelago in the world). At nigh, we will go out in the canoe for our first nighttime viewing of the animals.

    Day 2 : For our second day, we will head for Jaú National Park. We will make a stop during the afternoon among the “Caboclo” community to discover the local way of life. We will have the chance to taste the fruits and vegetables grown by our friends. We will take the canoe again at the end of the day and set out to view the fauna at night, a sight that we never grow tired of seeing…

    Day 3 : Scheduled arrival at the Jaú National Park during the morning, ready for an afternoon hike to discover this place of wonder that we will also visit at night aboard our canoe.

    Days 4 to 6: Exploring the Jaú National Park

    Day 4 : This day devoted to hiking will allow us to advance deeper into the park to discover all of its natural resources. En route, our guide will provide you with a host of illuminating information. He will teach you to sharpen your senses to better spot the flora and fauna.

    Day 5 : Today, we will navigate the Caribanani river inside the park to meet a local community with whom we will spend the afternoon and share in their traditional Amazon lifestyle. We will sleep here for the night among the community.

    Day 6 : We will leave behind our main boat to navigate solely with our motorized canoe and for the first time in our adventure we will sleep in the middle of the forest and we will eat our meal around the glow of the camp fire. Together we will choose the best spot to set up camp.

    Days 7 to 10: An immersion in the Amazon

    Day 7 : Swimming in the Caribanani river and a moment of relaxation within these magnificent surroundings. We will carry on our day with a walk to do some animal watching. Then, we will resume navigation on our little boat. We will decide on the best spot on the banks of the river to set up a camp and spend the night there.

    Day 8 : We leave the camp to journey down the river. We will set off to find the magnificent waterfall of the Caribinani. We will go back to our main boat and sleep there for the night.

    Day 9 : At the start of the day, we will carry on downriver to leave the Jaú National Park and rejoin the Anavilhanas Archipelago. Here we will spend our last evening and night on the river.

    Day 10 : We carry on our journey down the Rio Negro to reach Manaus around 5:00 p.m.
    After disembarking from the boat, we will take you back to your hotel or to the airport