Our values, our commitment


We live to feel. To feel strong or soft emotions, to feel vibrant, to be aware of what makes us truly happy.

It is this urgency of life, this mission to offer to everyone the possibility to live in Amazonia extraordinary physical and psychic experiences that animates us every day at Amazônia Wild Experience.

The expeditions of Amazônia Wild Experience are built around 4 pillars:

The wonder

It amuses us, it fascinates us… the Amazon is a huge playground to which our emotional reservoir transpires. The wonder, the awe, the fascination… this green paradise gathers the ideal conditions for anyone who wants to live in the moment.

guide foret amazonienne


Tailor-made expeditions, unique adventures, privileged moments in symbiosis with nature to find the keys to your own freedom. Putting one’s condition into perspective, one’s daily life, discovering another reality, one of deep respect where the unknown releases a thirst for discovery.



The Preservation

L’Amazonie est une terre en feu, littéralement ou de forme romanesque selon les périodes, cette terre souffre. En contraste avec son immensité majestueuse, elle n’est qu’équilibre fragile. Un des derniers fiefs de la création divine. Disséminer la connaissance de ces recoins c’est multiplier ses disciples, fortifier sa protection, c’est ce qui nous anime.

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We are invested to fight against the threats that weigh on the Amazon rainforest. To do this, our expeditions must be “sustainable”, only our footprints will remain in the jungle. In the end, we are only guests.