Our Team

Designing unique expeditions into the heart of the Amazon, it’s what makes us tick!

Passionate, committed, a human adventure

Amazonia Wild Experience was born out of the friendship of three backpackers, with a passion for nature and the Amazon.
They first met during a “survival” expedition in the state of Amazonas, which they followed up with one expedition after another across the Amazon basin all the way to Guyana.
Incredible experiences, unforgettable moments, friendships that would last forever…

Anthony amazonia wild experience


Anthony is Brazilian-French, naturally curious with a thirst for adventure, who after exploring several countries, chose to settle in Brazil. For him, the Amazon rainforest heralded the start of a process of decompression which soon became a source of inspiration.
A strong supporter of local cultures, it’s in the middle of the jungle that he feels alive and free. His mission? To share these experiences that offer lasting tranquility to anyone who tries them.

antonio amazonia wild experience

Clever “Antonio”

Clever knows the Amazon better than anyone. And why is that? Because he was born there!
From taking his first footsteps in the region of Rupununi in Guyana, he has been surrounded by this lush forest on a daily basis.
Clever’s knowledge of the jungle comes from the purest Amerindian traditions, his mother being Arawak et and his father Wapishana. When he reached adulthood, driven by his curiosity, he moved close to Brazil where he soon became a guide. Today he shares his passion for the forest and adventure with Amazonia Wild Experience.

pierre amazonia wild experience


Pierre is French. He combined business studies with life in Brazil.
In the Amazon he is fascinated by nature and the unspoiled great outdoors.
After several expeditions into the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, the idea to set up a business that matched his moral values, his passion for discovery and exploring new horizons gradually took shape.
He lives by the leitmotif that every day is a new adventure.

The idea

Marvel at the Amazon River as the sun sets, with the sound of the forest in the background. To disconnect for several days from a stressful life. Waking up at the bivouac in the middle of the luxuriant forest and sharing beautiful emotions with friends… so many arguments that suggested us the idea to share these adventures.

In the middle of an expedition in WaiWai territory, settled in our hammocks, the idea came up and we designed together what will become Amazônia Wild Experience. An agency thanks to which we can share our passion for the fauna, the flora, the discovery of new ways of life and the preservation of the Amazon Rainforest.

Expeditions that allow us to understand the greatness of Amazonia, the peace it gives off, and the need to defend and preserve it. In order to protect its immense biodiversity, our efforts are directed towards supporting the local communities by raising awareness on a daily basis.