Expedition to Guyana along the Rupununi

Set off to discover the hidden waterfall as you travel down the Rupununi river from the Amerindian village of Sand Creek

In Guyana, you’ll be traveling extremely off the beaten path

For centuries, Rupununi‘s extraordinary natural area has intrigued travelers, historians and scientists who have even searched there through the ages for the mythical El Dorado from the Conquista era.
Blessed with breathtaking landscapes and an astounding wildlife, the region of Rupununi covers an area of more than 15 000 square kilometers (5,800 square miles) to the southeast of Guyana, on the Brazilian border.

Discover one of the last areas of the world still preserved from human activity. In South America, close to Brazil and Venezuela, the Amazonian forest of Guyana will bring you in contact with a pristine nature. This trip will take you to the Indian lands of Rupununi where Amazonian savannahs, rivers, mountains and dense vegetation await you. You will plunge into a region that shines by the richness of its biodiversity and the beauty of its fauna and flora.

Suggested Duration

12 days

Average Budget

Quotation on demand

Number of participants

From 2 to 5 persons

Recommended period to travel in the Rupununi

From september to december


Description: Guyana’s wildlife will thrill You

A 10-day adventure during which we will cross the Guyana savanna to reach the village of Sand Creek. We will navigate along the Rupununi from this Amerindian village. We will view the splendor of the region’s flora and fauna from our boat, before disembarking to enter into the jungle of the Kanuku mountains.

This trip starts from Boa Vista, the capital of Roraima in Brazil. It is also possible to start our adventure directly from Lethem for people arriving from Georgetown.

An experience in the heart of the forest, far off the beaten track which will allow you to:

Discover the Amazon from our boat
Go hiking through the forest
Spot the flora and fauna with our main guide and a local guide
Sleeping in a hammock according to Amazonian habits
Live in a world protected from the outside world by the Wapishanas
Discover the Amazonian savannah between Lethem and Sand Creek
Go on nighttime outings to look at the fauna
Marvel at the vastness of the milky way
Experience total immersion in the Amazon rainforest.
Learn to set up a makeshift camp, star a fire and eat in the jungle
Enjoy making unforgettable memories.

The region stretches between the Essequibo river to the south, through the Iwokrama forest via the hills of the jungle and the savanna by Lethem. Rupununi is the land of the Makushi, Waiwai and Wapishana ethnic groups, Amerindian guardians of these wild expanses.
This region, with its ecosystem that is as rich as it is unique, is the habitat of more than one thousand different species of birds, dozens of species of reptiles (the black caiman, giant anaconda, red-footed tortoise, boa constrictor, rattlesnake), a significant mammal population (the giant otter, howling monkey, spider monkey, giant anteater, jaguar, puma and black panther) as well as 180 species of fish (25 of which are endemic and 18 of which are considered as rare) bearing in mind that new species are still being discovered each year.
There is a wealth of diversity in the breathtaking landscapes, between savanna, wetlands and dense forest that is almost impenetrable.

A unique journey to discover incredible landscapes where you will appreciate all the biodiversity of the Amazonian rainforest.


Where will you sleep and what will you eat?

We will set up camp every night in the middle of the forest, often by the banks of the river, where we will set up our hammocks according to the Amazon tradition.
Each one of our expeditions is unique. As we move deeper into the forest, with our guides, we will select a new spot to set up camp each day. Our camps will be built when we arrive at each spot, with our local guide. Our camping sites are selected for their beauty, their location, or sometimes because they are the only possible place. Comfort is simple and rudimentary but it always makes for an exceptional experience and atmosphere.

We will eat the provisions that we have brought along with us. Fruits, vegetables and starch will provide our basic diet, which will be complemented by some fresh local produce from our encounters with the local people.

Participant profile

I am fit and healthy. I practice a sporting activity occasionally and I am able to push myself but I need some rest in between my efforts.
I am looking for an experience that takes me off the beaten track and the idea of camping out in the middle of the forest appeals to me.

What is included

The price includes:

Pick-up from your hotel, lodge or Boa Vista airport. It is also possible to start our adventure directly from Lethem for people arriving from Georgetown.
Bilingual guide and local guide
Authorization to access Wapishana territory
Hammocks and mosquito nets for sleeping in the forest
Breakfast, lunch and dinner

The price doesn’t include:

National and international flights
Hotel accommodation in Boa Vista
Travel insurance
Alcoholic beverages

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    Our Guyana’s travel itinerary

    The program gives you an idea of how your trip will unfold. It is the guideline of our route to reach the heart of the Amazonian rainforest. You are the protagonist of your adventure, and we will adapt to fulfil your wishes.

    The people you will meet, the animals you will see, the pristine landscapes that will pass before your eyes, the unique moments you will share that are out of this world are impossible to convey in their intensity on this page.
    Each one of these elements, will, in our view, make your journey to the Amazon Rainforest complete.

    Days 1 to 3 : Rupununi’s where the magic begins

    Day 1 : Set off at dawn from Boa Vista for Bonfim, the town that borders Guyana. We will load all of the necessary equipment to then cross the border that separates Brazil from Guyana. We will make a stop at Lethem for lunch and then we will cross the savanna in 4×4 to reach the village of Boa Vista where our host will be waiting to serve us dinner. After this first opportunity to relax and chat and a little later on in the evening, it will be high time for the team to hang out their hammocks for a well-deserved rest.

    Day 2 : On rising, we will meet with the cacique (chief) of the village who receives each foreigner entering the Wapishanas lands. On this occasion, we will welcome our second guide (local guide) then we will join our boat on the Rupununi to spend our first night in bivouac on the banks, surrounded by dense vegetation.

    Day 3 : This day is dedicated to navigation and it will be the opportunity to observe from the boat and throughout our progress on the river, birds and animals that we will not miss. At the end of the day, we will disembark on a beach of the Rupununi to set up a bivouac and spend a night under the stars.

    Days 4 to 6 : Kanuku’s mountains

    Jour 4  : Moments of relaxation for all the team this 4th day. We will navigate on the river until the entrance of the rapids of the Kanuku mountains where a splendid landscape will be offered to our eyes. Swimming and relaxation will be the order of the day.

    Jour 5 : Day of exploration on site, to meet the fauna and flora. We will go out in the canoe for our first nighttime viewing of the animals. A day to discover the biodiversity of Guyana and its protected species.

    Jour 6 : We will take our boat and sail to a Native American plantation from where we will start a beautiful hike through the forest. We will spend our first night in a makeshift camp under the canopy.

    Days 7 to 10 : Off the beaten path

    Day 7 : We will continue our progression in the forest and after long hours of effort, we will marvel at the Lost Waterfall of the Rupununi River. We will establish a camp at the foot of the waterfalls.

    Day 8 : New moments of relaxation where you will enjoy swimming under the waterfalls. This is a good place to observe the local flora and fauna. We will explore the upper part of the waterfalls.

    Day 9 : Return to the tribe plantation through the forest to join our boat. Arrival on the banks of the Rupununi where we will reinstall our bivouac. We will go out for our last nighttime viewing of the animals of our tour..

    Days 10 to 12 : Crossing Rupununi’s savanna

    Day 10 : After breakfast, we will sail back to the village of Sand Creek. As on the outward journey, we will enjoy the hospitality of the local community who will welcome us to spend the night.

    Day 11 : From Sand Creek, we will continue our journey in 4×4 through the Guyana savanna, toward the Brazilian border. We will stop for lunch at Bonfim, on the Brazilian side. Moments of exchange between us before falling asleep for a well deserved rest…

    Day 12 : After a good breakfast, we will take the road to Boa Vista. The expected arrival time back in the city is around 12:00 AM. and we will drop you off at your hotel or lodge. Thus will end our ecotour in one of the most beautiful destinations in South America. This itinerary will have taken you through a region that shines with its conservation and its pristine nature.