A cruise to discover the birds of the Amazon

A cruise in a typical boat of the Amazon in the ecological reserves of Janauacá and Janauari

A private boat for an ornithological cruise that will open up the world of the Amazon to you

Traveling by water, enter into the intimacy of this unique region. The Rio Solimões and the Rio Negro come together to form the captivating Amazon River… Onboard our traditional boat, by canoe and on foot, all means for you to propel yourself into what is surely one of the most unique trails of Latin America!


Suggested Duration

5 days

Average budget

From 999 € per person

Number of participants

From 2 to 6 persons

Recommended period

From february to september



See the splendor of the Amazon: the vastness of its legendary river, its unique flora and fauna and a guide specialized in ornithology to accompany you. Bird watching enthusiasts will be in their element. An ideal setting nearby the Rio Negro and the Rio Solimões which form the Amazon River.

A 5-day private cruise for couples, families or groups of friends during which we will navigate on the Januaca and Janauari lagoons.

An experience which will allow you to:

Dive into the heart of the Amazon with the comfort of a traditional privatized boat
Go bird watching with a specialist guide
See where the waters of the Rio Negro and the Rio Solimões meet to form the Amazon
Spot the flora and fauna with a specialist guide whether by foot or by boat, at day and at night
Observe the local fauna and flora
Navigate on a private boat
Meet the “Botos cor de rosa”, dolphins of the Amazon
Canoeing at night in the forest
Spend some time with local communities
See the Victoria Amazonica, a giant water lily measuring up to 3m in diameter
Marvel at the vastness of the Milky Way

For the pleasure of birdwatching enthusiasts, the region of Januacá and Janauari offers an extreme variety of bird species.
Several hundred species live in this area, here is a non-exhaustive list of the birds that you can observe:

Crested eagle, macaw, blue-and-yellow macaw, hummingbird, king vulture, gray-headed kite, harpy eagle, ornate hawk-eagle, hoatzin, green-rumped parrotlet, black-tailed trogon, pearly-breasted conebill, riverside tyrant, certhiaxis, ovenbird, plush-crested jay, striped cuckoo, lesser nighthawk, tui parakeet, blue-winged parrotlet, short-tailed parrot, blue-gray tanager, yellow-browed sparrow, red-breasted meadowlark, yellow-hooded blackbird, russet-backed oropendola, snail kite, lesser hornero, river tyrannulet, toco toucan…


Where will you sleep and what will you eat?

Several options are available for sleeping. You can sleep in a hammock on the deck of the boat or in an air-conditioned cabin.

Meals will be prepared by the chef aboard the boat. You will eat vegetables and fruits accompanied by freshly caught fish and local meats. Water and fruit juices are provided for your entire stay (alcoholic beverages are not included).

Participant profile

This cruise is intended for all profiles of participants, it is one of our most accessible adventure. Families, couples and groups of friends will enjoy this expedition.

What is included

The price includes :

Pick-up from your hotel or Manaus airport
Bilingual guide
Privatized boat with crew composed of a captain, a machinist and a cook
Entry into the reserves
Hammocks and mosquito nets for sleeping in the forest
Breakfast, lunch and dinner

The price doesn’t include:

National and international flights
Hotel accommodation in Manaus
Travel insurance
Alcoholic beverages

Reserve now

    The program

    The program gives you an idea of how your trip will unfold. You are the protagonist of your adventure, and we will adapt to fulfil your wishes.

    The people you will meet, the animals you will see, the landscapes that will pass before your eyes, the unique moments you will share that are out of this world are impossible to convey in their intensity on this page.
    Each one of these elements, will, in our view, make your journey to the Amazon Rainforest complete.

    Days 1 and 2

    Day 1: We will pick you up at your hotel or at the airport in the morning and we will stop to discover the market of Manaus, around the port. We will then join our boat towards the confluence of the Solimon and Rio Negro rivers that form the Amazon. Their waters on one side clear and on the other side dark mix without mixing on kilometers.
    We will join the ecological park of Janauari in the afternoon to realize our first exit in canoe to observe the birds.

    Day 2: The park of Janauari near by its proximity with the Rio Negro and the Solimon offers a fauna and a very varied flora. We will leave early in order to take advantage of the sunrise to begin this day of observation. At the beginning of the morning the animals are still very active which will facilitate their observation. Lunch will be on our main boat. At the end of the afternoon we will take our canoe back to enjoy the excitement before nightfall. A night outing is also planned to observe some of the more active animals at night like the caiman.

    Days 3 and 4

    Day 3: We will take the direction of the lagoon of Janauaca and we will stop in a local community. This is a moment dedicated to the discovery of the way of life of the local people and the typical Amazonian culture. We will then go to the Janauca lagoon, where we will practice the fishing of the legendary piranha. After dinner we will go on a night trip in a canoe to observe the nocturnal fauna of the lagoon.

    Day 4: You will discover the Amazon on foot this morning. Our guide will take you to the lake area to discover the fauna and flora as a hiker, the opportunity to be close to the elements. After lunch, we will go out in a canoe to take advantage of the end of the day to continue our discovery, this time from our boat.

    Day 5

    Last day: Our morning will be dedicated to the continuation of our observations by canoe, in order to complete our discovery of the immensity of the place. A last opportunity to take full sight and to keep in memory unforgettable images.

    After lunch we will return to Manaus for an expected arrival around 5:00 pm at the port.
    From the port, we will accompany you to your hotel or to the airport.