Expedition to Guyana in Waiwai Territory

Discover the splendor of Guyana’s flora and fauna from the Waiwai Amerindian village of Parabara

For centuries, this extraordinary natural area has intrigued travelers, historians and scientists

Go on an adventure to discover one of the wildest regions of the planet. In the heart of the Amazon, near Brazil and Venezuela, explore the primary forest of Guyana and its immense biodiversity. A trip to the depths of South America for adventurers and nature lovers.

Through the splendor of its landscapes, the strange beauty of its flora and fauna, and the mortal dangers of its mysterious undergrowth with untold treasures, the region of Rupununi has always inspired the wildest of dreams.

This 15,000 square kilometer region stretches from the Essequibo River in the south, through the Iwokrama forest, and on to the jungle and savanna hills near Lethem.
The Rupununi is the land of the Makushi, Waiwai and Wapishana ethnic groups are the guardians of this wilderness.

“Delight itself is a weak term to express the feeling of a naturalist who for the first time has wandered by himself in a Brazilian forest. The elegance of the grasses, the novelty of the parasitical plants, the beauty of the flowers, the glossy green of the foliage, but above all the general luxuriance of the tropical vegetation fill me with admiration. Any enthusiastic naturalist will find, such a day brings a deeper pleasure than he can ever hope to experience again.” Charles Darwin

Suggested Duration for your trip in Guyana

12 days

Average Budget

Quotation on demand

Number of participants

From 2 to 4 persons

Recommended period

From september to december


“When I traveled in Guyana, I felt like I was experiencing travel in a way I hadn’t for years” – Kate

Description: Guyana, where the magic begins

A 12-day adventure during which we will cross the Rupununi savanna to reach the Amerindian village of Parabara. During this expedition we will: navigate the rivers to reach the heart of the forest, go trekking to view the flora and fauna and discover the local way of life.

This trip starts from Boa Vista, the capital of Roraima in Brazil. It is also possible to start our adventure directly from Lethem for people arriving from Georgetown.

An experience in the heart of the forest, far off the beaten track which will allow you to:

Discover the Amazon from our boat
Go hiking through the forest
Spot the flora and fauna with our main guide and a local guide
Sleeping in a hammock according to Amazonian habits
Live in a world protected from the outside world by the Wapishanas
Discover the Amazonian savannah between Lethem and the Waiwai village
Go on nighttime outings to look at the fauna
Marvel at the vastness of the milky way
Experience total immersion in the Amazon rainforest.
Live in a world protected from the outside world by the Wapishanas
Learn to set up a makeshift camp, star a fire and eat in the jungle
Enjoy making unforgettable memories.

The region stretches between the Essequibo river to the south, through the Iwokrama forest via the hills of the jungle and the savanna by Lethem. Rupununi is the land of the Makushi, Waiwai and Wapishana ethnic groups, amerindian guardians of these wild expanses.

This region, with its ecosystem that is as rich as it is unique. It is the habitat of more than one thousand different species of birds, dozens of species of reptiles (the black caiman, giant anaconda, red-footed tortoise, boa constrictor, rattlesnake), a significant mammal population (the giant otter, howling monkey, spider monkey, giant anteater, jaguar and black panther) as well as 180 species of fish (25 of which are endemic and 18 of which are considered as rare) bearing in mind that new species are still being discovered each year.
There is a wealth of diversity in the breathtaking landscapes, between savanna, wetlands and dense forest that is almost impenetrable.

A unique journey in South America to discover incredible landscapes where you will appreciate all the biodiversity of the Amazonian rainforest.

Organization of our adventure in Guyana

Where will you sleep and what will you eat?

We will set up camp every night in the middle of the forest, often by the banks of the river, where we will set up our hammocks according to the Amazon tradition.
Each one of our expeditions is unique. As we move deeper into the forest, with our guides, we will select a new spot to set up camp each day. Our camps will be built when we arrive at each spot, with our local guide. Our camping sites are selected for their beauty, their location, or sometimes because they are the only possible place. Comfort is simple and rudimentary but it always makes for an exceptional experience and atmosphere.

We will eat the provisions that we have brought along with us. Fruits, vegetables and starch will provide our basic diet, which will be complemented by some fresh local produce from our encounters with the local people.

Participant profile

I am fit and healthy. I practice a sporting activity occasionally and I am able to push myself but I need some rest in between my efforts.
I am looking for an experience that takes me off the beaten track and the idea of camping out in the middle of the forest appeals to me.

What is included

The price includes:

Pick-up from your hotel, lodge or Boa Vista airport. It is also possible to start our adventure directly from Lethem for people arriving from Georgetown.
Bilingual guide and local guide
Authorization to access Waiwai territory
Hammocks and mosquito nets for sleeping in the forest
Breakfast, lunch and dinner

The price doesn’t include:

National and international flights
Hotel accommodation in Boa Vista
Travel insurance
Alcoholic beverages

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    Our Guyana’s Travel Itinerary

    The program gives you an idea of how your trip will unfold. You are the protagonist of your adventure, and we will adapt to fulfil your wishes.

    The people you will meet, the animals you will see, the landscapes that will pass before your eyes, the pristine nature, the unique moments you will share that are out of this world are impossible to convey in their intensity on this page.
    Each one of these elements, will, in our view, make your journey to the Amazon Rainforest complete.

    Days 1 and 2: Rupununi is where the magic begins in Guyana

    Day 1: Set off at dawn from Boa Vista for Bonfim, the town that borders Guyana. We will load all of the necessary equipment to then cross the border that separates Brazil from Guyana. We will make a stop at Lethem for lunch and then we will cross the savanna in 4×4 to reach the village of Ashalton where our host will be waiting to serve us dinner. After this first opportunity to relax and chat and a little later on in the evening, it will be high time for the team to hang out their hammocks for a well-deserved rest.

    Day 2: After a delicious breakfast followed by a tour of the village, we will set off in 4×4 in the direction of the Waiwai territory. We will cross the savanna of Rupununi, taking our time to enjoy it. We will then enter into a dense forest where it is common to come across wild animals like birds, moneys and other mammals. At the end of the day, we will arrive in the Amerindian village of Parabara where we will settle in to the “maloca”, the village’s central structure.

    Days 3 and 4: Off the beaten path

    Day 3: At the beginning of the day, we will meet the Tuchaw (village chief) for a special moment of conversation. On this occasion, we will meet our second guide (a local guide) and then we will head to our boat. We will set off from the village of Parabara aboard our motorized canoe to discover the forest and the wildlife from our boat. We will spend our first night in a makeshift camp under the canopy.

    Dat 4: We will continue our journey down the river to enter into the deepest part of the forest and view some of the most preserved flora and fauna. The day will be punctuated with moments to have a swim and do some fishing. We will take a nighttime boat trip to go animal watching, and follow the tracks of the jaguar. They are very common to the WaiWai territory. Another night will be spent camping.

    Days 5 to 9: A forest preserved by the indigenous people who live there

    Days 5 and 6: After breakfast, we will leave behind our boat as well as our camp to plunge into the densest part of the forest. We will take the necessary supplies with us to spend 2 days in total self-sufficiency. This trek, a real expedition, will allow us to view different flora and fauna to that which we have already seen. The rainforest and its canopy are home to a stunning array of wildlife. We will advance through deep forest during our adventure and come across wild animals. We will return to the camp at the end of the afternoon.

    Days 7, 8 and 9:  As the seventh day breaks, we will board our boat again to journey back up the river to the village of Parabara. On the agenda: Fishing, swimming, animal watching and contemplating the Milky Way in this far-flung corner of the world, far away from all light pollution. We will live these 3 days following the cycle of the sun and the animal kingdom. We will set up a makeshift camp at the end of every afternoon. The chance to spend time at one with nature.
    We will return to indigenous village of Parabara at the end of the afternoon. For dinner, we will be the Tuchaw’s guests, a special moment to share and treasure, where we will recount the adventures that we have just experienced.

    Days 10 to 11: A visit to one of the world’s last great wildernesses

    Day 10: After breakfast, we will head to Ashalton in 4×4, crossing through the dense forest of Parabara. It is here that we will stop for lunch, and then we will cross the Guyanian savanna to reach the village of Chiriri where we will be welcomed by the Curandeiro (healer). Dinner will be served to us before we hang out our hammocks for a deserved rest.

    Day 11: We will meet the cacique (chief) of the village who welcomes every outsider who wishes to tread upon the slopes of the sacred mountain. The day will be dedicated to a trek in the Chiriri mountain. A glorious surprise awaits you at the summit of the mountain with a stunning view across the vastness of the Rupununi region. We will return to the village at the end of the day.

    Day 12: Going back to Brazil

    Last day 12: From Chiriri, we will continue our journey in 4×4 through the Guyana savanna, toward the Brazilian border. We will cross the boarding betwneen the 2 countries and stop for lunch at Bonfimin Brazil. And then continue our return to Boa Vista. The expected arrival time back in the city is around 8:00 p.m. We will then drop you off at your hotel or your lodge.

    Thus will conclude this fabulous expedition in one of the world’s last great wildernesses.